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Deep Green is the first full-featured chess playing application for the Newton platform, allowing you to play against your Newton. As the rest of the Newton software on my site Deep Green is freeware.

Deep Green utilizes a small, efficient, and superfast chess engine written in C++, ported by Jens Martin Bengaard from Scott Ludwig's PocketChess for PalmPilot.

What's New?
New  October 3, 1998: Windows and Newton downloads corrected.

Users who downloaded these packages experienced a "Doesn't seem to be a package" error when transferring Deep Green to their Newton. This should be fixed now. Sorry for the inconvennience.

New  September 28, 1998: Deep Green 1.0b3 is available!

New in 1.0b3:

  • Stalemate error fixed. Deep Green now recognizes this state correctly. This is by far the most reported bug.
  • Hide function. Deep Green can now be hidden in order to temporarily and quickly free up screen real estate. The function is located in Deep Green's "i" button.
  • No expiration date. Deep Green can be used for as long as your Newton runs...
There are still some bugs and a number of user requests that would make Deep Green an even more plesant experience, but I can't promise when the remaining bugs will be fixed and if Deep Green ever will gain more functionality.

User Feedback
I've received a tremendous amount of feedback from users all over the world. It's been wonderful, thanks a lot for your support!

Peter Rand, Newton user, chess enthusiast, and Newton editor on the German Palmtop Pro Magazine has written a very interesting review of Deep Green in issue 8 of the magazine (in German). Read the English version here.

Alessandro Vannini has created an amazing chess image and dedicated it to me for making Deep Green available for free. The image won the Platinum Award at the 3D Cafe web site. Thank you, Alessandro!

Jesper Carstensen has made an awsome 3D animation (.mpg, 12 secs., 2,079 KB) featuring White Knight, White Queen, and Black King. Check it out if you've got the bandwith. Thanks to Jesper!

  • Dr. Peter Rand: "Having Deep Green on the Newton is a dream come true for me, and the program exceeds even my wildest expectations."
  • George Capalbo: "The best portable chess EVER!"
  • Mark Worley: "This is possibly the best computerised chess program I have played! Small, simple but infinitely playable. Excellent!"
  • Nathan Sharfi: "Great UI...but it beats me thuroughly at 1 second difficulty! Thanks a lot!"
  • Bradley Alan: "I love your game! It's one of the best chess games I've ever played."
  • Tommy Vestol: "Deep Green made me play chess again!"
  • Alessandro Vannini: "Deep Green is one of the most exciting programs I've ever seen for the Newton. I LOVE DEEP GREEN!!! :-)"
  • Bruce Wang: "I will beat it, oneday!"
  • Newton Underground: Package O' the Year!
  • Planet Newton: 4 Lightbulbs out of 4 possible.
  • NewtonVille: 5 Apples out of 5 possible.

NB: Follow this link if you want to be notified about new versions in the future.


  • 4 game types (Human vs. Human, Human vs. Deep Green, Deep Green vs. Human, Deep Green vs. Deep Green)
  • Adjustable difficulty (10 game levels: 1 to 120 seconds think time, 5 "concentration" levels)
  • 84 game opening move library
  • Manual board setup
  • Playback game (Go to first move, previous move, next move, last move, auto-replay moves)
  • Rotate board in 4 orientations
  • Show last move
  • Suggest move
  • Take back moves
  • Game state saved between program sessions
  • Appealing user interface

System Requirements

  • Newton 2.x
  • 20 KB heap
  • 105 KB RAM

Screen Shots

Download Deep Green 1.0b3

  • Newton format (.pkg, no documentation, 103 KB)
  • Macintosh format (.sit, with documentation, 63 KB)
  • Windows format (.zip, with documentation, 62 KB)

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Updated October 3, 1998